PurePharma and I have been working hard to put together a custom subscription program! All you have to do is go through my link purepharma.com/share/julie, choose any of their products to subscribe to and each month you’ll receive a special message from me.


With the Julie Foucher x PurePharma subscription you will receive:

  • A special message in your shipment
  • A monthly video email message from me on a different health topic
  • Exclusive discounts and goodies from PurePharma and some of my other favorite companies

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New to PurePharma? You can learn a little bit more about PurePharma and their history in my interview with the founders in Ep 38 of my podcast, Pursuing Health.


To join my subscription, make sure to use the links on this page to the PurePharma website. Also, by subscribing, you are agreeing to receive emails from PurePharma and myself.