Ep 117 – Functional Bodybuilding & Earning Intensity with Marcus Filly

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“We’re so resilient as people that we can deal with a lot of stuff.  And if you pull back on the intensity, and you give your body a chance to heal, we’re also remarkable healers.  You know, you give yourself the right ingredients, we’ll heal from almost… I mean, from a lot.  And I had to go through that experience first-hand and people watched me go through that experience and they’re like, “Marcus, what are you doing, I want to try that, what’s that thing?” and so I had to give it a name.  I mean, I intentionally gave it a name to let it create an identity.  And now it’s’ a couple years into it and there’s a very clear look and feel to doing functional bodybuilding workouts.” – Marcus Filly

Marcus Filly is a 6-time CrossFit Games athlete, a former medical school student, and the catalyst behind the functional bodybuilding movement.  As the owner of Revival Strength, he is passionate about providing training programs to help his clients build strength and endurance without breaking down their bodies.

However, Marcus wasn’t always so sure about his path.  Following his collegiate athletic career, Marcus entered medical school to pursue what he thought was his intended purpose.  Instead, he found that while he appreciated the knowledge and the discipline of his medical training, a voice inside kept telling him he was on the wrong track.

After a lot of soul searching, Marcus decided to follow his heart and begin a career in fitness.  In doing so, he found a new way to educate and empower people with the tools they need to begin their own pursuit of health and happiness.

Marcus and I had a great conversation about the many parallels in our lives, from medical training to the demands of being a competitive athlete.  In this episode, we discuss the importance of finding your true purpose, the distinction between functional bodybuilding and other styles of training, and why lifestyle stressors are a huge consideration when it comes to earning intensity in a workout.

Topics we cover in this episode include:

  • Marcus’s athletic and educational background
  • The application process for med school and how his fitness experience shaped his intended career path in medicine, with a desire to focus on health
  • The importance of being introspective and taking time to figure out your own path
  • How periods of great stress can lead to revelations about your true purpose, and how Marcus applies his own experience to help his clients
  • Marcus’s CrossFit journey from team athlete to individual Games competitor
  • The factors that drove his decision to step away from competition
  • Where the concept for Revival Strength came from
  • His goals to create careers for his coaches and provide one-on-one attention for his clients
  • The distinction between traditional CrossFit style workouts and functional bodybuilding
  • The value of periodization, control points, tempo, and rest
  • Marcus’s belief that you have to earn intensity in your workouts by balancing the stressors in your life
  • Strategies that he employs to manage his stress and maintain balance
  • Three things Marcus does on a regular basis that have the biggest positive impact on his health
  • One thing he struggles to implement that could have a big impact on his health
  • What a healthy life looks like to Marcus

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Disclaimer: This podcast is meant to share the experiences of various individuals. It does not provide medical advice, and it is not a substitute for advice from your physician or health care professional.

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