Ep 113 – 2009 CrossFit Games Champion Tanya Wagner on Training through all Seasons of Life

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“It was awesome [her first CrossFit Games experience in 2008]…  There were no expectations and there was only one Games so nobody really knew what they were doing, and it was like, we really just wanted to see if what we were doing everyday was really CrossFit.  Like, ‘Is it- are we doing this right?’  Because all we’re doing is watching videos.  Yeah, so, we just kind of wanted to see where we—where things shook out.  And so, it was so cool.  It was so like, raw and real and unpredictable.  It was really cool.” – Tanya Wagner

2009 CrossFit Games champion Tanya Wagner has competed in the sport as an individual, on a team, and most recently at the 2019 Rogue Invitational, as a Legend.  Over the last ten years, she’s managed to strike a balance between competing, running her affiliate, commentating for the CrossFit Games, and raising her two children.

Inspired by the original “CrossFit Girls,” Tanya was a competitor at the second annual CrossFit Games in 2008, where she would narrowly miss a first place victory to Caity Henniger, who has since helped to grow Rogue Fitness into what it is today alongside her husband, Bill. Tanya would come back in 2009 to stand atop the podium and inspire future generations of CrossFit Games athletes.

I sat down with Tanya at the 2019 Rogue Invitational to learn more about what it’s like to be one of the original CrossFit champions, and to hear how her approach to training has evolved throughout the many changes in her life.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Tanya’s athletic background and how she got started with CrossFit
  • Her approach to training for the 2008 Games, and how a narrow loss fueled her training for 2009
  • Winning the 2009 CrossFit Games, and why she chose to switch to the team competition following that victory
  • What it was like to compete while pregnant
  • Making the transition from competitor to motherhood and getting back into CrossFit after giving birth
  • How Tanya got into commentating
  • Tanya’s current approach to the CrossFit Open
  • The life cycle of a CrossFit athlete
  • Her favorite part about being an affiliate owner
  • How Tanya keeps a positive mindset, and how she helps others do the same
  • The adjustments she made to her training routine leading up to the 2019 Rogue Invitational
  • Managing the stress and pressures of being a competitor
  • Tanya’s reactions to recent changes in the CrossFit Games season
  • Her advice to new moms returning to CrossFit
  • The lasting impact of Faith Rx’D and and the legacy of Becky Conzelman
  • Three things Tanya does on a regular basis that have the biggest positive impact on her health
  • One thing she struggles to implement that could have a big impact on her health
  • What a healthy life looks like to Tanya

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