24 – Airrosti Drs. Nickleberry and Garrett on treating soft tissue injury, partnering with CrossFit, and creating a new paradigm

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In this episode, I visit the Airrosti Rehab Centers headquarters in San Antonio, TX and speak with two of the first Airrosti doctors, Dr. Jason Garrett and Dr. Ty Nickleberry. I’ve gotten to know Airrosti over the past few years as they have provided services for athletes at the CrossFit Regional and Games competitions, and I’ve been fortunate to partner with them as a sponsored athlete for the past year. What I like most about Airrosti is that they are using evidence-based therapy for soft tissue injury, standardizing it’s delivery, and making it widely available and accessible to patients and providers. In our current health care system, we don’t often have great solutions for aches and pains other than medications or surgery. Rather than simply masking pain Airrosti helps to identify its root cause and provide effective treatment. They have tracked their outcomes from over 1 million patient visits to show timely resolution of pain and injuries with significant savings of unnecessary surgeries and procedures as well as cost.
Airrosti was founded in 2004 by Sean Tipton with Ty Nickleberry as the first provider. Shortly after, Airrosti expanded across the state of Texas and began to partner with local primary care physicians. In 2014, Airrosti’s partnership with CrossFit began as they were named the head of Athlete Services for the CrossFit Games. In the fall of 2015, they have well over 150  practices spanning across Texas, Virginia, Ohio, Illinois, and Washington and reached a milestone of 1 million patient visits.  Airrosti has even been voted one of the “Best Places to Work” in San Antonio multiple years in a row and one of the fastest growing companies in the US by Inc. Magazine.
Interviewing Drs. Nickleberry and Garrett at Airrosti HQ
Drs. Garett and Nickleberry both graduated form Texas Chiropractic College. They came on as two of the first Airrosti doctors and helped to develop multiple practices and the training programs for new providers. Dr. Garrett now serves as the managing Vice President for Clinical Development at Airrosti where he trains new providers and educates physicians from family practitioners to orthopedic surgeons about Airrosti’s role. Dr. Nickleberry currently serves as the Vice President of Clinical Operations and Director of Provider Recruitment at Airrosti.
In this episode, we discussed:
  • Dr. Nickleberry and Garrett’s athletic and professional backgrounds and what brought them to Airrosti
  • How Airrosti has grown and evolved over the years
  • The Airrosti method and training programs
  • How Airrosti fills an important role that was lacking in the traditional healthcare system
  • Airrosti’s collaboration with sports medicine doctors, family doctors, and orthopedic surgeons
  • How they have tracked outcomes for over 1 million patient visits
  • Airrosti’s partnership with the CrossFit Games
  • Advice for preventing and treating soft tissue injuries
  • Three things they do on a regular basis that have the biggest positive impact on their health
  • One thing they struggle to implement that could have a big impact on their health
  • What a healthy life looks like to them
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