13b – Umahro Cadogan on functional nutrition for athletes and recovery from injury

A Denmark native, Umahro Cadogan is a former adjunct professor of Nutrition and Functional Medicine at the University of Western States. He also works directly with individuals and groups including professional athletes and military as a nutritional therapist, and he is a well-known author, chef, and lecturer on the topics of nutrition and functional medicine in Denmark and around the world.
In part a of this episode, we talked about how Umahro got into nutrition and functional medicine and his general approach to improving nutrition.
In this episode, we discuss:
  • Umahro’s nutrition advice for athletes
  • Changes to macro and micronutrient intake he recommends for athletes
  • Sports nutrition supplements
  • The role of nutrition and supplementation after injury
  • Recommended training and rehab for tendons and ligaments
  • Three things he does on a regular basis that have the biggest positive impact on his health
  • One thing he struggles to implement that could have a big impact on his health
  • What a healthy life looks like to him
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Disclaimer: This podcast is meant to share the experiences of various individuals. It does not provide medical advice, and it is not a substitute for advice from your physician or health care professional.

2 Responses to “13b – Umahro Cadogan on functional nutrition for athletes and recovery from injury”

  1. Luar Oliveira

    Hi! Really enjoyed this podcast! It was the first one to me. And be sure that I am goong to hear all of them. I am a brazillian Doctor and I am doing crossfit for almost a year right now. So, here in Brazil we have lots of discussions about crossfit and its potencial for causing injuries. Julie, if possible, would you bring us a podcast about this topic?!
    Congraltulations for your career! As an athlete and future doctor! I really admire how you handle it all and your posture as a human being!
    And for your guest, Uhmaro, I loved every word you said!
    Good luck and best wishes for you Julie!

  2. Julie

    I could have listened to him talk about this for hours! I love his statement about how health is loving yourself!


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