12 – The TRAIN with Julie Foucher program


This past week I released my training program through Beyond the Whiteboard: TRAIN with Julie Foucher. This year, I am making the transition from training for the CrossFit Games to training for life. Even though I am going to be incredibly busy with medical school, I still want to maintain a high level of fitness. Thus, TRAIN was born: 1 hour in the gym per day, 5 days per week, fully scheduled out for you and jam-packed to build a solid foundation of GPP and proficiency in the full gamut of weightlifting, gymnastics, and monostructural skills. I’m opening this program up to anyone who wants to join me as a virtual training partner through Beyond the Whiteboard. There, you will be able to see my posts for each workout and I will also be able to see and comment on your scores to follow your progress.
In this episode I discuss:
  • My experience with Beyond the Whiteboard and motivation for creating this program
  • For whom the program is best suited
  • How the program is structured each day including timeline and scaling
  • Details of the programming including strength cycle, Olympic lifting, gymnastics
  • The frequency and intent of benchmark workouts
  • Warm-up and cool-downs programmed by Matthew Stevens of Pure Physio
  • How to use the Lifestyle Log on Beyond the Whiteboard
  • The importance and utility of recording your results electronically
You can read more about the program and sign up here. Also, follow us on Instagram @TRAINwithJF and with #TRAINwithJF. 
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