12 – The TRAIN with Julie Foucher program

This past week I released my training program through Beyond the Whiteboard: TRAIN with Julie Foucher. This year, I am making the transition from training for the CrossFit Games to training for life. Even though I am going to be incredibly busy with medical school, I still want to maintain a high level of fitness. Thus, TRAIN was born: 1 hour in the gym per day, 5 days per week, fully scheduled out for you and jam-packed to build a solid foundation of GPP and proficiency in the full gamut of weightlifting, gymnastics, and monostructural skills. I’m opening this program up to anyone who wants to join me as a virtual training partner through Beyond the Whiteboard. There, you will be able to see my posts for each workout and I will also be able to see and comment on your scores to follow your progress.
In this episode I discuss:
  • My experience with Beyond the Whiteboard and motivation for creating this program
  • For whom the program is best suited
  • How the program is structured each day including timeline and scaling
  • Details of the programming including strength cycle, Olympic lifting, gymnastics
  • The frequency and intent of benchmark workouts
  • Warm-up and cool-downs programmed by Matthew Stevens of Pure Physio
  • How to use the Lifestyle Log on Beyond the Whiteboard
  • The importance and utility of recording your results electronically
You can read more about the program and sign up here. Also, follow us on Instagram @TRAINwithJF and with #TRAINwithJF. 
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4 Responses to “12 – The TRAIN with Julie Foucher program”

  1. Sarah C Novotny

    Hi! I’m interested in your programming, but i know it already started. can we start it at anytime? or with certain cycles is it hard to start once your programming has already been going on? Thanks for the info!

    • Julie Foucher

      Hi Sarah,
      You can start anytime! We have some cycles but it is not necessary to start from the beginning.
      Hope to see you on Beyond the Whiteboard!

  2. Sebastian Chiriboga

    Hi! Which days are rest days? I have trouble training on weekends and try to pack my CF sessions Monday trough Friday. Is it okay if active rest days are on weekends?

  3. Sergio Julio Chion Aguirre

    Hi Julie. I started crossfit nealy one year ago and completed the open 16 in the scale category. My goal is to compete next year in the RX category. I would like to know if your program will help me in that direction and if you think that my skill level would be enough to follow your program.


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