06 – Women of the 2015 CrossFit Games Demo Team – Christy Adkins, Jennifer Smith, and Talayna Fortunato

Each year the CrossFit Games Demo Team is tasked with testing and demonstrating many of the workouts you see during the CrossFit Games competition. I had the opportunity to spend the week of the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games with this talented group of individuals: Matt Chan, Zach Forrest, Paul Tremblay, Jennifer Smith, Christy Adkins, and Talayna Fortunato.
The Ladies of the 2015 CrossFit Games Demo Team
In this bonus episode, I sit down with the three women of the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games Demo Team.
  • Christy Adkins is a 6-time CrossFit Games athlete, competing every year from 2009-2014 and finishing as high as 6th place. This season she narrowly missed her 7th trip to the Games, placing 6th in the Atlantic Regional. An east coast native, Christy has recently moved to San Diego for a few months as she trains for 2016. Follow her on Twitter: @ChristyPAdkins, Instagram: @ChristyCrossFit, and Facebook.
  • Jennifer Smith competed with CrossFit Maximus in the CrossFit Games team competition twice before qualifying as an individual in 2013. She also narrowly missed qualifying this year from the East Regional. She currently lives in Canton, MA and works as a trainer at Reebok CrossFit One. Follow her on Twitter: @JenSmith008, Instagram: JenSmith008, and Facebook.
  • Talayna Fortunato is a three-time CrossFit Games competitor with her highest finish being 3rd in 2012. She took the 2015 season off in order to have surgery on her ankle and is now training for 2016. She also works as a physical therapist in Naples, FL. Follow her on Twitter: @talaynaf, Instagram: talaynaf, and Facebook, and her website: talayna.com.

We discuss:

  • Their previous CrossFit Games experience
  • Their experience on the 2015 CrossFit Games Demo Team
  • Their reflections on the past year and plans for next season
  • How they balance training with other aspects of their lives
  • Three things they do on a regular basis that have the biggest positive impact on their health
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3 Responses to “06 – Women of the 2015 CrossFit Games Demo Team – Christy Adkins, Jennifer Smith, and Talayna Fortunato”

  1. Maria Luna

    What mobility program do you or any of the ladies recommend?

    • Julie Foucher

      Hi Maria,

      The program Jen is using can be found at romwod.com

      There are a lot of programs out there! You can also check out mobilitywod.com or https://www.codyapp.com for stretching video programs. Best of luck!


  2. Ashley Crawford

    I would love to hear your opinion on the health of athletes during competition. Specially talking about the athletes that had to drop out and receive extensive care post-murph this weekend. Where do you draw the line of pushing through the pain, to actually realizing you are causing your body damage? I understand the need for patient autonomy in their own care, but are there doctors on staff that help consult an athlete before they continue to compete? I’m a current med student and would just love to hear your opinion on this subject.


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