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Well, this post is certainly long overdue – the whirlwind of starting back at school has kept me busy these past 2 weeks! Much more reflection on my experience training for and competing at the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games is to come, but I must start by expressing my gratitude for all of the people who have supported and enabled me to follow my dream this year. What you don’t see during that single week in July are all of the moments during the other 51 weeks of the year that make that performance possible. This year, more than ever, I have learned that although it is important to be strong and determined oneself, it is equally important to know when to lean on others. I have been fortunate enough to have leaned on more than a few people this year, and I cannot even begin to describe how thankful I am for their support:

My training partner a.k.a lifesaver, Sarah

My training partner – without her sweating by my side, every single day, I simply don’t know how I could have kept going!

My family – for always encouraging me to do what I love, and loving me no matter what I do

My amazing boyfriend – I think he deserved to be standing up on that podium more than me for what I put him through this year!

The men of my life- Dad, Boyfriend, and Coach

My coach, Doug Chapman – who is much more than a coach, and who brought me from here to the podium in three years. Embarrassing as it is for me, I think this video illustrates that he had his work cut out for him 😉

HyperFit USA Crew in LA

My HyperFit USA family  – for everything over the past 3 years, you guys really are like family

My new CrossFit pals in Cleveland – thank you for welcoming me into your community and for your support and friendship

Training buddies!

My training buddies Shana, Christy, Nicole, and many more – through MANY moments of shared suffering, you girls keep me going!

My school – thank you to faculty, friends, and fellow students who have supported me and allowed me to chase my dream this year

Reebok – for continually striving for improvement while staying true to what CrossFit is all about

Every staff member, volunteer, judge, etc who made the Games possible – Thank you for your passion and dedication to what you do, and for allowing us athletes to have the time of our lives out there

The CrossFit community – for your enthusiasm and energy. To every single person who sent me a message or cheered me on- your support means the world to me!

Reebok, Rx Jump Ropes, and PurePharma – thank you for your support and for your innovation and mission to make people better

And to the man who started it all, thank you for changing all of our lives forever and for enabling us to make the world a better place each and every day!

Coach Greg Glassman

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  1. Barb Braden

    Thank you for inspiring all of us! I have a full-time job, and by that I mean full-time. On call 24 hours a day, days can start off simple and lead into 20 hour day, and there is never a slow season, who has time to train? Well, reality check, everyone has time, just are you willing to scrafice some of it to better yourself. It is inspiring to see someone balance life and CrossFit. Thank you.

  2. Jim Lipnos

    I am constantly impressed with your work ethic and attitude. I had the pleasure of meeting you at Regionals and was equally impressed with you as a person. I loved your video of your beginnings, it is inspiring to know that we all start at the same place.

  3. Jessica Kluth

    Julie you are an inspiration to everyone especially us females that strive to be as strong and humble as you. You made the Central East Region very proud!!

  4. Lisa Ryan

    Julie, that video of you is PRICELESS:) love love love it!!!!

  5. cioccolatoscuro

    Hello Precious! I’ve nominated you for the One Lov3ly Blog Award due to your sharing of your training and strength growth :^)

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  7. John Naylor

    Julie, you definitely seem to inspire a lot of people and after reading some of your posts, it’s pretty obvious why. I’ll try to be quick with this…I learned a little about you while watching the Crossfit Games and in the short interview you mentioned becoming a doctor and incorporating Crossfit with patients. I am a quadriplegic that is pretty active. I play wheelchair rugby so there is some competition in my life and just like any athlete I want to be better, faster, stronger than the competition. Plus, all of those things would make everyday adversities easier. Having a full-time job as well, I’ve looked into things like Insanity and P90X but they are just not compatible for someone in my physical situation. What about Crossfit though? Could that be modified for someone like me? Being an aspiring doctor, I thought I’d just see if this peaks an interest for you. There could be a lot of benefits for people with parallysis.

  8. Jake Jacobson

    This was my first year of watching cross fitness, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I was a former judo and martial arts champion, and athlete that was in phenomenal shape. Everything was good. I went to college, then the police academy, and finally to a pretty large sized police department. I was then began to realize that speed, strength, endurance, and training were the keys to survival. I ran, lifted, shot, shot and shot some more. I studied Judo, Tae Kwon Do, Brazilian J J, boxing, and wrestling, all because I considered them survival skills, and department training and fitness was a joke. So at 5’5″ and 200 pounds I ran a 4.3 forty, and could dunk volley balls on a 10 foot rim. I could take care of myself, and was extremely fit. Then I had an accident, and spent years recovering, then taking pain pills and feeling sorry for myself. 2 years ago, at just under 160 pounds and out of shape, I said enough. I quit the pain killers, drinking, smoking and anything that was unhealthy. Finally a few months ago, my doctor felt that my heart and lungs had recovered enough to begin serious training. I love it. I just wanted to say I found you and your competitors absolutely inspiring, and I wanted to thank you. Keep it up. Let NOTHING stand in your way. I won’t.

  9. Jake Jacobson

    Thanks for your consideration of my story. I tried to keep it as brief as possible.

  10. Kendra Preuninger

    You probably already know this but you are very strong… and my dream one day is to get as strong as I can become some today. I’m certainly a senior in high school and was introduce to crossfit sophmore year, it has changed my life. I have always be the athletic one but now I am the strong one too. I have played varsity basketball since freshman year so I have not had anytime really to get into crossfit but I am excited to say that I am BIG fan of you and a BIG believe in crossfit. This may sound crazy but I am actually dressing up as you for halloween!! I Everything is going to homemade and I am super excited! I want to become a personal trainer, athletic trainer, and coach. Before crossfit I have always dream of designing but after learning about crossfit and can’t stay away from anything that is related to fitness. I so wanted to go see you and the others girl compete at the Games but I was in the same state at a basketball tournament at the same time… I just wanted to let you know that you inspire us girls, that you may be intimidating with how much you squat or clean, but you show us that strong is healthy and a lot of girls I see everyday obviously don’t know that yet and I know they will soon know that becuase of the popularity crossfit is getting nowadays. You are an example to all of us and especially to me. GOOD LUCK next year and the years to come! I wil try to watch:)


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