CrossFit for Hope

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As I look toward this weekend, my excitement is building for CrossFit for Hope. In my first post I wrote about the connections we make through CrossFit that allow us to  elevate not only each other but the community as a whole. With so much attention focused on the CrossFit Games this time of year, CrossFit for Hope provides a timely reminder of what the Sport of Fitness is really all about- – coming together to make one another and the world around us better.


We have a truly amazing and unique community that continues to grow by the day. There were 0ver 60,000 participants in the Open this year – pretty remarkable! Now it is time to harness the power of this community to support  a great cause. The beneficiary of CrossFit for Hope,  St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, epitomizes what I aspire to be a part of as a developing physician researcher – providing the very best patient care and constantly striving to expand the boundaries of medicine.  We have a chance this weekend to support St. Jude’s mission of finding cures to cancer and childhood diseases through treatment and research. Just think – if every participant in the Open were able to raise just $30, we would surpass our goal of $1.7M.

This is what it’s all about, people. Sign up, do the workout, at the very least make whatever donation you are able to your box or someone you know.  I look forward to fighting through the Hope workout and supporting this cause on Saturday with all of you!

“At the root, this isn’t about the elite athlete. What this does is promote the programming. I’ll take a person losing 100 pounds over the Games any day.” – Greg Glassman on the CrossFit Games